I’ve never really been outstanding at anything, I’ve been good at a few things but I’ve never really been GREAT at anything.

It’s taught me how to be humble, how to appreciate what you have and the talents you have been given. I realized pretty early on that in the vast majority of cases there’s going to be someone who’s that little bit better than you but that should be your inspiration not a reason to give up.

So that’s what I learned to do! Do your best and people take notice. That maybe why I love being an entertainer. I’m only marking myself against the standard I set and what’s crazy is that people have decided they like listening to me…. It’s still shocking to think that I get to entertain people for a job however, I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to do what I love.

I’m a Dad, a husband, a musician, an entertainer, a trivia host and I’m obsessed with Japan.
I love my family, cartoons, my dog, football (the real kind with the round ball) and I’m always trying to learn about things, the way the universe works is a particular favorite.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m just a regular bloke, who does his best and if you like what I do then for me, that’s about the best outcome I could ask for.

I started performing when I was about 15 and have played venues weddings and corporate functions for over 10 years. I play guitar, I sing and I love performing!

I was once told an ounce of initiative is worth a tone of talent and as I already said, I was never the most talented so, I have to have the most inniative.

Cheers for stopping by.


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